Friday, August 30, 2013

No Work on Labor Day

     In honor of the holiday, and because I am a sucker for research, I decided to look into the history behind Labor Day.  I consider it penance since I’m taking the weekend off from blogging.  I’ll still be working but I am focusing solely on my next book.  Anyway, back to Labor Day….  While there is some discrepancy as to who came up with the concept, they all agree it started in 1882.  In true government style, it took twelve years for it to be deemed a Federal Holiday.  By that time, in 1894, thirty states had already been celebrating Labor Day. 
     For you trivia buffs, I have a few tidbits for you to enjoy.  On February 21, 1887, Oregon was the first state to embrace Labor Day as a holiday.  In the first proposal to initiate the holiday, the outline specified holding a street parade.  So, if you’re like me, and you’re constantly trapped behind the parade route in a never-ending line of traffic, we now know who’s to blame.  Way back, when there were rules for proper attire, Labor Day marked the end of wearing white until the next year.  (After Memorial Day)
     Labor Day was created, not only as an appreciation for the labor force, but to grant them a well-deserved day off.  Ironically, retail establishments recognized the prime opportunity to make more money so, not only are their employees working, they are often subjected to mandatory overtime.  So, whether you’re watching parades, barbequing, or making time + ½ for working the holiday, be safe!  I’ll be back in action after Labor Day.  Sleep well.  

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