Friday, August 9, 2013

Interruptions and Distractions

     I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done today.  Most of the time, when I sit down to write, I am in my own little world.  The blinders are on and I become completely immersed in my work.  Today was the glaring exception.  Sure, I had some computer issues to deal with but I can’t put the full blame there.  (Most, but not all) 
     By mid-afternoon, I had most of the bugs worked out of the new program and I was ready to work…or so I thought.  Just as I was getting a new scene on the page, the next interruption struck.  My puppy was in rare form today.  I was typing away, in mid-sentence, when she darted into the room and stole the sock right off my foot.  She’s like a little stealth bomber.  She dashes in, without a sound, and is gone again before you even realize what hit you.  For such a little thing, she is ridiculously fast.  She tries to obey commands so I managed to get the sock back immediately but she really wanted to play.  I sat down and she brought me a toy.  She’s really subtle too.  She jumps up drops it right on my keyboard.  I decided that, after a quick play-break, I would knuckle down and get to work. 
     I received phone calls, text messages, Twitter messages and emails from pretty much everyone I know and next thing I knew, my sweetie was home from work.  Then, there was dinner and more silliness from the puppy.  I tried again after dinner but this time, the distraction was my own fault.  I know it’s preseason, but football is back.  I had to check in on my hometown team.  So, I think I’m just going to count this as a rare vacation day and tomorrow I will be back on track.  Sleep well!

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