Thursday, August 15, 2013

Give “Reboots” the Boot

     Maybe it’s just because I am sick, but I feel the need to rant a little bit.  I am frustrated by the never-ending parade of remakes and/or reboots of movies.  In some rare instances, a reboot can improve on a series that was sub-par; however, more often than not, the opportunity is squandered.  Case in point, the remakes of Footloose, Red Dawn, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street.  For the most part, the only major differences were in wardrobe and the soundtrack.  Neither of those are a viable reason to remake a film. 
     I truly believe that the only reason to remake a film or reboot a series is to improve upon or enhance the original.  Batman Begins, and the subsequent sequels, was a huge improvement over every other Batman film and encouraged a new generation of caped crusader fans.  Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween, with the addition of Michael Myers’ childhood traumas and the secret behind the mask, embraced the spirit of the original while making it a new, exciting film.  There are scores of new authors creating new, unique works every day.  I’d rather see Indie books get their day in the sun than for Hollywood to churn out the same old stuff. 
     For everyone’s sake, including mine, I hope I feel better tomorrow.  For me, it is time for some Nyquil.  Sleep well.  

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  1. I thought the Friday the 13th remake was pretty good. It got the cliche kills out of the way early, it explained how Jason got everywhere ahead of his victims and how he knew exactly where they were. Plus he's just a badass. I'll agree with the rest without admitting to seeing them all.......