Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Downfall of the English Language

     The addition of the words “Twerk” and “Selfie” to the Oxford dictionary might just be proof of the complete decline of civilization.  The words bantered between most Americans is a pathetic bastardization of the English language.  I shudder at each incorrectly conjugated verb and garbled sentence fragment.  The deplorable state, of the spoke, word appears refined in comparison to the tragically incoherent ramblings, scattered across social media sites.
     I certainly understand that not everyone was afforded the same education I received; however, the opportunity to better one’s grammar is readily available.  One only needs to embrace the Internet, for something other than silly memes and videos.  Not sure whether to use “their” or “there”, in a sentence?  You only need to type “there vs their” into Google and you’ll get a very clear and concise answer.  I’d also like to recommend another site for your grammar conundrums. 

     This is not a paid advertisement.  I am only offering this tip in a selfish attempt to ease my own suffering.  Please, share this with your friends, relatives, and anyone who desperately needs some assistance!  It is our own apathy that allows this nonsense to continue.  I, for one, do not want to entrust our country to a nation of illiterates when I’m old.  It almost makes me wish the zombie apocalypse would begin so that I can bash some skulls of the twerking, selfie-taking fools that have sullied our language.  I suspect that zombies will have a broader vocabulary, anyway.  Sleep well.

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