Monday, August 12, 2013

Storming the Castle

         I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for the new “Doomsday Castle” series.  I have to admit, I am curious but also hesitant.  Because a teaser isn’t meant to give too much away, it is hard to tell what direction they are going with the show.  On one hand, if they are keeping in the theme of “Doomsday Preppers” we could be in for an entertaining and highly educational show.  However, I am afraid that it might end up being more like “Big Brother” than “Preppers”, focusing on silly drama instead of hardcore survival tactics.
     The building itself looks relatively sturdy.  The turrets and battlements make excellent watch posts for targeting the enemy.  Installing a portcullis adds an additional layer of protection.  From what I could see, they are completely solar powered.  Honestly, most of these attributes would be beneficial during a zombie apocalypse.
     So far, I could only find one thing that would be useless to protect them against the undead: a moat.  While it provides a deterrent to living, breathing, humans, a moat means nothing to zombies.  Even with alligators or crocodiles, stocked in the water, the hordes could multiply to numbers that would overwhelm the amphibious reptiles.  I say, drain the water and line the trenches with metal spikes.  These pits, also known as “tiger traps”, would effectively protect your castle from invading looters and the flesh-eaters.  Granted, your homeowner’s insurance would drop you like a hot potato but an insurance policy won’t protect you from a zombie uprising.  I noticed on the website that there is a “build your own castle” game so I think I need to go play around.  Sleep well.

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