Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Interesting Observation

     I’ve noticed a strange trend in my thought processes lately.  Because I am a good listener, people tend to tell me their problems.  Apparently, they must think I give good advice, because they keep coming back.  Anyway, I find myself relating their situation back to the characters in my book.  When someone has relationship troubles, I am quick to point out that Ryan and Cassie would never have gotten together if she hadn’t discovered Royce was cheating on her.  If someone is having trouble fitting in at their new job or at school, I give them the same advice Matt gave to Emma.  I spend more time with my characters than with real people.  I was beginning to think I had a problem but then I realized that I’m not the only one. 
     I saw someone on Twitter say that she can’t date-because a fictional character stole her heart.  My hope is that, one day; someone will feel that kind of connection with my characters.  Perhaps, because I spend so much time breathing life into the heroes and heroines in my stories, after publication, they will live on in the hearts and minds of others.  Without a doubt, that must be the best compliment a writer could ever receive-that the reader connected on such a deeply personal level with his or her characters.  I’d love to know that you want Evan to be a part of your zombie survival squad.  However, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t need to know any other fantasies.  Save those for your dreams.  Sleep well.  

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