Friday, August 23, 2013

Seasons change and so do they...

     As August dwindles, and summer comes to a close, it signals a change in seasons.  The variations in temperature, and climate, can play a vital role in your survival during a zombie uprising.  Understanding the affects of the elements, not only to yourself, but also on the rotting flesh of your enemy can be the difference between life and death.
     We all know that under the sweltering summer sun, or in desert climates, the risk of hyperthermia, dehydration, and sun poisoning only increases the danger, in an already volatile situation.  While zombies do not suffer the same risks, high temperatures are not a benefit for the enemy either.  Not only will the decaying flesh shrivel and bake- becoming jerky-like, we have other elements of nature joining in the fight.  Warm weather and insects go hand in hand.  Flies may like honey but they love decomposing meat.  While disgusting, maggots will be helping our cause by stripping away the muscles and tendons from their limbs.
     On the flipside, sub-zero temperatures, combined with snow and ice, present a new set of challenges.  We must be on guard against frostbite, hypothermia, and slipping on the ice.  I admit, the mere mention of slipping on the ice, conjures images of follies that would make The Three Stooges proud.  It’s easy to laugh about it now but; in the zombie apocalypse, a sprained ankle, or broken hip could be a death sentence.  That same ice will play havoc on the atrophying limbs of the flesh-eaters.  Use it to your advantage and get a little creative.  Is your safe house on a hillside?  Create your own version of a “Slip N Slide”, with ice, and enjoy the laughs as the zombies wipe out.  Not everything about preparing for “the Z word” has to be grim and dour.  A little levity can be a huge morale boost and a desperately needed reprieve from the stress.  Also, constant exposure to freezing temperatures can eventually freeze our enemy into zombie-pops.  Just think how much easier it will be to destroy their brains when they’ve been frozen solid.  Just be careful not to slip on the ice! 
     Rain, snow, sleet, or hail, we must be prepared to battle on until the last zombie falls.  Know the terrain, understand the climate, and use it to your advantage.  No one knows when the zombies will rear their ugly heads so…Sleep well.  

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