Friday, October 11, 2013

Serial Killer's Diary: Part 8

**Warning: these entries may be graphic and, hopefully, frightening.  Keep in mind this is merely fiction.  No humans (or animals) have or will be harmed in the production of this blog.  All names have been chosen at random and are not meant to represent anyone, living or dead.  Any similarities are purely coincidental** 

10/11/13    7:45 AM

I can’t sleep.  The pain is back and worse than before.  Dick recommended that I go for a walk when I’m really hurting because it will loosen up my muscles.  Dick is a dumbass.  The walk only made me hurt more but there was one positive note.  I figured out where I’d seen those Hemlock flowers before.  Two blocks down, there’s a little cottage style house that looks like something out of a fairy tale.  Growing along the border of their wildflower garden were the same little clustered white flowers and the lacy leaves triangular that I’d seen in the pictures.  Since I was the only one out strolling the neighborhood, I picked a large bunch and high-tailed it home.  I went straight to my computer and compared the pics.  I am almost positive they’re the same plant.  There’s only one way to be sure.  I will need to try it out on someone and I think I know exactly who I can use as my guinea pig.  I’m gonna take a couple of Percocets and go back to sleep.  I have a double shift tonight.  More later.

Still 10/11/13   11:59 PM

Shit!  Houston, we’ve got a problem.  The good news: the Hemlock is real and it works.  The bad news: I’m not sure if I’m in the clear this time.  I was working with Nikki tonight and, as you know, I can’t stand her.  I had ordered the chef’s special tonight for myself and I was going to eat it on my break.  Jack’s pretty cool about giving us a discount on the food-50% off when we’re working.  I was just about to clock out because Alex had my meal plated.  Nikki clocked out and started eating my dinner!  I was so pissed.  I swear it was like I was on auto-pilot or something.  I was watching myself from the outside-like an out of body experience.  I walked into the back, opened my bag, and pulled out a handful of leaves and stems from the Hemlock.  When Nikki got up to refill her drink, I mixed them in with her, or I should say my, spring mix salad.  She ate it all.  The funny thing is, she kept complaining to Alex that the greens were really bitter and he told her she needed to quit smoking because it was messing up her taste buds.  About a half hour, maybe 45 minutes later, Nikki doubled over in pain.  Seriously, she fell over onto a tray full of food and just laid there sobbing.  Jack called an ambulance and they took her to the hospital.  Jack called us from the hospital just before closing but he hadn’t heard anything yet.  He kept saying something about hippo laws and that the hospital wouldn’t disclose any information to him.  (Idiot)  It’s HIPAA but I’ll let him slide.  Jack’s a pretty healthy guy so I doubt he spends much time having to read all those stupid forms from the doctor’s offices.  I’ve signed enough waivers so I sure as heck know all about those laws.  Anyway, I have a feeling Nikki is dead.  

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