Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's FINALLY October

      October ushers in a multitude of delights and I, for one, am ready to embrace them all. The air will be filled with the cloyingly sweet scent of pumpkin spice and for the next few days stores will be decked out in orange and black.  (It won’t last long; retailers are already unpacking their Christmas decorations) But for now, Halloween reigns supreme. 
      Halloween is only a small part of what makes October great.  Costume parties and trick-or-treat are just the tip of the witch's hat.  We can also look forward to the return of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.  Horror films will get their well deserved time in the spotlight, at least for thirteen days and let’s not forget It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
      October also marks the start of hockey season.  The NHL kicked off their official start yesterday and my Philadelphia Flyers (Coincidentally, their colors are orange and black) hit the ice tonight.  Despite their less than inspired play in their home opener, I’m a die-hard fan and will continue to hope for the best.  If I keep shouting at the TV; however, I’m going to need to stock up on tea and honey!   On a more personal note, my wedding anniversary is also in October.  See that, sweetie, not only did I remember it is on my mind weeks ahead of time. 
      All summer long, both The Walking Dead fans and NHL fans kept asking, “Is it October yet?”  Well, it’s finally here.  Let’s enjoy it.  May your bellies be filled with “fun sized” candy bars and pumpkin pastries and your dreams be filled with psychos wearing Captain Kirk or hockey masks.  Sleep well.   

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