Thursday, October 10, 2013

Serial Killer's Diary: Part 7

**Warning: these entries may be graphic and, hopefully, frightening.  Keep in mind this is merely fiction.  No humans (or animals) have or will be harmed in the production of this blog.  All names have been chosen at random and are not meant to represent anyone, living or dead.  Any similarities are purely coincidental** 

10/9/13    6:53 PM

      I could barely sleep last night.  My mind was reeling with possibilities.  I spent some time online doing research.  Holy crap, that Ricin thing is real!  Not only is it real, you can buy the plants for practically nothing!  I also got a rough idea on how to process the seeds to make the Ricin-thanks to an article by the CDC.  It might take a little time to get the process down but it’s still a viable option.  Another interesting choice would be Hemlock which is also sold as decorative ground cover.  The flowers looked so familiar to me and I’ve been racking my mind ever since I saw those pictures.  Eventually it will come to me but in the meantime I have some serious studying to do. 
      I’m not sure if I want to go with poison though.  There was a satisfaction to killing Jenkins with my bare hands, watching the terror in her eyes fade as her life slipped through my fingers.  I think I would enjoy lording that control over Dick.  He needs to be knocked down a few pegs.  Perhaps I can find a natural neuro-blocker.  He’s bigger and most-likely stronger than Jenkins.  A paralytic effect could be helpful.  Also, a different M/O would keep detectives guessing.  Needless to say, it would be in my best interest to keep them from linking the two “victims” together.  That cracks me up, those pompous asses ran me down and bled me dry (both figuratively and literally) but the media will portray them as the victims.  What a joke!  But it will be me who gets the last laugh.  

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