Monday, October 21, 2013

Serial Killer's Diary: Part 16

**Warning: these entries may be graphic and, hopefully, frightening.  Keep in mind this is merely fiction.  No humans (or animals) have or will be harmed in the production of this blog.  All names have been chosen at random and are not meant to represent anyone, living or dead.  Any similarities are purely coincidental**

10/21/13   3:45 PM

I am so pissed off I can’t even see straight.  Usually, Jack schedules me when he is on because I don’t get along with our other manager, Don.  Well, Jack has the flu so Don was covering and he was giving me shit at every turn.  First I was being too social with our guest- then I wasn’t social enough.  Then, some crazy pregnant chick orders a Nicoise Salad with no capers and only romaine lettuce.  She pitched a fit, saying that there was iceberg lettuce mixed in.  Damn if I can tell what kind of freaking lettuce is in her stupid salad!  She got really loud and sure enough Don comes swooping in.  He trashed me in front of the customer and when I called him out on it, he sent me home.  Can you believe he said I have anger management issues?  Yeah, we’ll see who needs anger management when he’s six feet under.  Hmm, maybe Don has a point.   

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