Monday, July 1, 2013

What a character!

     I have to admit; I'm feeling pretty happy today.  I've been working on revisions for book two and I finally finished with the new content I was adding.  Part of that addition was fixing a flawed character.  I had planned to name a character after one of my friends.  He is one of the few that didn't actually ask me to do so.  Yet as the story progressed, the character took on a life of his own.  Sadly, he had developed into a big whiner so I actually changed the character's name.  I did not want it to reflect poorly on my friend. 
     If someone happened to be particularly funny or perhaps quirky, my mom would always say they were "a character".  Try as we might to prevent it, "mom-isms" and other odd little parental expressions infiltrate our speech.  This particular friend, I can guarantee, she would definitely call "a character" so I needed a character to live up to his personality.  Honestly, it had been bothering me for a while. I just couldn't seem to fix the character and make him reflect the image I was shooting for all along.  Finally, today, I made it work.  It really enhanced the story too, which is a relief, because the earlier version of this guy made me want to punch him for being such a..... I'll let you fill in the blank with whatever adjectives and/or profanities you choose.  In fact, I was so pleased; I even returned the original name to a now-worthy character.  
     It's kind of funny but as soon as my family and friends learned that I was writing books, I was inundated with requests.  It seems like everyone wants to be a character. (pun intended)  I guess I am really fortunate that I know so many "characters" or it would be a struggle to oblige.      

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