Saturday, July 13, 2013

Opening a Vein

     Often times when I sit down to write, Harry Potter immediately springs to mind.  No, sadly, I am a NOT wizard.  No, I do not have a quick quill. (Although it sure would help!)  I am referring to the particular scene in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” where the sinister Dolores Umbridge has sentenced Harry to detention.  He arrives at her nauseatingly cutesy office and is ordered to write lines.  The quill does not have ink but instead writes with Harry’s blood.
     At one time or another, most writers feel as if their life’s blood has been poured out onto the page.  Our hearts and souls are laid bare for the world to see.  Why not open a vein and skip the ink altogether?  Honestly, if it would get me a book deal, I would gladly handwrite the entire “Journal of the Undead” series in my own blood.  Maybe I should start stocking up on B-12 and Iron Supplements…

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