Saturday, July 6, 2013

The infestation of social media

     I often wonder about the effects of social media on our society.  On one hand, it is an invaluable tool for artists to self promote.  Imagine a world where Henry David Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, or Jane Austen had been able to gain recognition and possibly success before their deaths.  Plenty of painters and musicians would have happily sacrificed an ear, like van Gogh, to get the kind of publicity that is at our command with a few clicks of a mouse.  Dying before having their dream realized is a particularly hellish torture and one I would like very much to escape!
    On the other hand, it can also elevate people to a celebrity status despite their unwillingness to contribute, in any way, to the enhancement of society.  Fame for the sake of popularity and notoriety for being infamous deflates the validity behind becoming a household name. 
     From what I can tell, it is a necessary evil for anyone looking to get one’s work published.  To honor those who missed the social media window, I fully intend to take every advantage afforded to me.  In addition to my blog, I have embraced social media.  You can now follow me on twitter @sg_lee_horror and Facebook at  Hope to see you there!

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