Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ghostly Night

     In the middle of the night, in your deepest sleep, you suddenly wake.  Your bleary eyes blink repeatedly as you try to focus on the glowing numbers, of your alarm clock.  A weary smile tugs at the corner of your mouth.  The alarm won’t go off for hours, there’s still plenty of time to sleep. Turning over, you fluff your pillow and ease into the softness.  As if weighted, your eyelids begin to droop.  Just as you are about to drift off, a fleeting image passes through your peripheral vision.  Startled, your eyes pop open and you scan the room.  Just as you are about to chide yourself for being silly, you notice a form.  A darker shape, in the center of darkness, hovers as if a shadow had been cast.         
     This is where you ask yourself what you believe..... There in the dark, while your heart is pounding, the soul searching begins.  When it comes to paranormal activity and/or disturbances, there are two types of people: believers and nonbelievers.  Do you shrug it off as a dream within a dream or do you keep one eye open, pulling your covers up to your chin?  In the morning, do you laugh it off as a figment of your imagination or do you spend the day trying to shake the feeling that you’re being watched?     
Do you believe?

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