Monday, July 15, 2013

Step Away from the Ledge

     We've all had those moments where we are absolutely positive cosmic forces have aligned, with the sole purpose of ruining our lives.  At every step our plans are thwarted and despite our best efforts, we just can’t seem to get ahead.  Take for example, Exhibit A: Cassandra Taylor. 
     Cassie moved to New York with hopes of making it big as an actress.  When we first meet the lovely Miss Taylor, in “Journal of the Undead: New York Outbreak”, she gets fired from her primary job as a waitress.  After a dreadful audition, she goes straight to her boyfriend’s apartment, only to learn he is involved with another woman.  Heartbroken and penniless, she attempts to walk home and gets lost.  She narrowly escapes a mugging and, when she finally reaches her apartment building, Cassie has to climb to the fourth floor on the fire escape to avoid her landlord.  Cold, wet and miserable she tears her skirt on an exposed nail before finally getting inside the building. 
     Compared to Cassie’s day, I suppose finding a typo on my query letter (immediately after hitting “send”, of course) isn’t so bad.  The important thing is to take a step back and breathe.  Things happen for a reason.  If Cassie’s day hadn’t been so horrible, she never would have went directly to Royce’s condo.  If she hadn’t shown up unannounced, she wouldn’t have known he was cheating on her.  If she had remained in the relationship, she never would have taken the time to meet her new neighbor, Ryan.  Without Ryan, chances are slim that she would have made it out of New York alive when the zombie apocalypse began.  We can’t always see the big picture but when we are faced with adversity, it is imperative to keep trudging ahead.  To quote the immortal words of Dory the fish in Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.”   

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