Monday, July 8, 2013

Pervading evil

     In the darkest times of our lives, evil lurks at every turn.  Even those you’ve trusted in the past can literally transform before your very eyes.  It takes vigilance and awareness to avoid the pitfalls that befall many others.  Arm yourself with knowledge and truth.  Finally, at that moment when you are ready to throw in the towel, dig deep to determine your inner strength. 
     Are you a warrior who attacks his foe with ferocity?  Perhaps you’re the thinker whose smooth words will win over even the staunchest rival.  Can you enter the enemy camp as a double agent to thwart their plan?  Or are you the embodiment of a dancer’s spirit?  With grace, poise and flexibility to float above the adversity you remain unbroken and unscathed. 
      We can all spot the fiendish monster lumbering toward us with the sole intention of devouring us alive but are we as adept at seeing through the masks of the truly monstrous?    

*This was supposed to be posted much earlier but I goofed.  Sorry!*

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