Wednesday, July 17, 2013


     Ever since I shared the memory of reading my first book, I’ve been reminiscing.  The next logical topic of discussion is, of course, my first horror movie.  This was definitely a momentous occasion and could even be considered a pivotal moment in my life.  Actually, it was a double feature and I will never forget either movie, for as long as I live. The truth of the matter is I was far too young to be watching horror movies, even if it was on network television.  I was around six years old.   I know this because my little brother wasn’t born yet and he came along two months after I turned seven. 
     I will skip over the events leading up to the viewing and get right to the good stuff, the titles.  First up was the 1960 black and white classic, The House of Usher, based on Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, “The Fall of the House of Usher” and starring the legendary Vincent Price.  The next movie was the original, 1976 version of Stephen King’s Carrie.  In one gloriously frightening evening, I fostered a love of horror movies and cultivated a respect for the extraordinary talents of Vincent Price.  I also discovered the brilliant works of Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King which, for me, is more addictive than coffee.  Even though I didn’t sleep for a week, I was hooked.     

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