Saturday, July 20, 2013

Closet Geek

     In general, I probably do not fit into the stereotypical image of a geek.  I've never been a fan of Star Trek and I've never played Dungeons & Dragons.  I have never been to a Renaissance Faire and I wore contacts in High School.  Most importantly, I was horrible in math!  To compensate, I often use movie quotes and I generally have my nose stuck in a book.  I think the icing on the cake is that I really, really wish I was at ComicCon right now. 
     Thanks to Twitter, I am fully aware of everything I'm missing.  Two authors that I greatly admire are speaking in forums, signing autographs and giving away all kinds of free stuff.  While I'm not really an autograph seeker, I would totally be sitting in the front row, taking notes, during their forums.  These guys are masters in their fields and I can only imagine the pearls of wisdom they'll be sharing.  Maybe one day I will get there myself.  Until then, can anyone teach me how to play Dungeons & Dragons?    

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