Friday, June 14, 2013

Underneath the Mask.

     For those of you looking for my "Journal of the Undead: Littleville Uprising" preview, you will want to click on the archive link to the right and select the post from 6/13/13 aptly titled "Preview. Journal of the Undead: Littleville Uprising".  As I've already explained in my, "There's more than one way to skin a cat" entry, I initially started this blog to post pages from my book.  That being said, I think I'm hooked.  If nothing else, it is certainly cheaper than therapy, right? 
     In my "Journal of the Undead" series, many of my characters either blog, journal or write in their diaries.  Where appropriate, I include their entries to give you, the reader, insight into their feelings, psyche, or history.  For everyone who has ever wanted to sneak a peek at their sister's diary or their roommate's journal, this will appeal to you!  The sheer honesty that one displays in writing, particularly when they think no one else will see it, is astounding. 
     Of course, I know that anything I write in this blog is open for the world to see so I hope you will grant me a little wiggle room in the "unabashed honesty" department.  I will, however, give you a little glimpse at what is under the mask......  I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in its suburbs.  Since moving out of state several years ago, I miss my favorite city!  I think that is why three of the books in my "Journal of the Undead" series, in one way or another, reference Philadelphia or Philly sports teams.  I was an avid reader from the beginning, and I still am.  I will read anything I can get my hands on.  My Kindle has an eclectic conglomeration of works ranging from Shakespeare to Stephen King, from Palahniuk to Bronte, classics, biographies, mysteries, legal dramas, horror, fantasies and everything in between.  I've been spinning horror stories since I was young though.  It was an effective way to keep a pesky little brother out of my room and far away from the basement!  Though it is rumored that the idea of writing about zombie uprisings was spawned by intense road rage and the secret longing to club slow drivers with a tire iron, that claim has yet to be substantiated.  So, there you have it a brief glimpse "underneath the mask".   

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