Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alien Allergies

     Have you ever noticed that most alien invasion stories, be they film or literary, seem to have the same general theme for their destruction?  In one way or another the invading army of extraterrestrials have an "allergy" to a primary make up of our planet.  Earth's hero discovers this weakness and after destruction of the Statue of Liberty and perhaps, the White House, we win.  The most popular, by far, is the aliens' inability to tolerate water.  I'd like to pose a twist on this theory.  I've started dabbling with this concept and once my "Journal of the Undead" series is complete, I think I am going to develop it even further. 
     Each year, countless reports tell us that the pollen count is "the highest ever" while those who had never suffered with allergies before, are now complaining of symptoms.  Most pharmeceutical manufacturers are seeing a steady increase in sales of products specifically made to target those symptoms.  For longtime sufferers, many dread leaving the safety of their purified-air homes.  What if pollution and other environmental factors weren't the cause of the increase?  I have two alternate theories that could shed a horrific light on this recent phenomenon. 
     Let's start with the less traumatic.  Assuming that there really is intelligent life out there, let's give them credit for actually doing a bit of research on our planet and its various cultures.  I'm going to propose that, in addition to verifying that the environment was actually suitable for their make up, they've acclimated their species with our vast sources of entertainment.  In other words, I'm betting they would have checked out Hollywood's take on alien invasions.  It would be a gloriously ironic twist if they found a way to make us allergic to our own planet, accelerating our desire to colonize the moon or perhaps other planets.  I have a twisted sense of humor so this particular theory tickles my funny bone. 
     My favorite scenario is a little more disturbing.  I propose that the aliens are already here, living amongst us.  They have infiltrated societies worldwide and have been elected to high positions in governing bodies posing as regular humans.  There is one incredible difference between us and them....our method of reproduction.  The increased level of pollen does not come from the ever decreasing plant life.  Think about it; trees, flowers and plants are continually being destroyed and replaced with macadam, concrete and pavements.  To quote the song, "They've paved paradise and put up a parking lot".  This "pollen" is actually the aliens' method of reproduction.  The alien life form does not host its developing progeny inside their own bodies, instead, the aliens release their fertilized eggs, a.k.a. "pollen" to be ingested by humans.  These tiny eggs attach to our nasal passages or the lining of our lungs.  The once fragile alien feeds off of us until ready to emerge from their cocoon.  Next, the human becomes ill.  No longer needing its human, the developing alien is able to escape the human host  through nasal discharge or hacked up mucus.  It then returns to its parental units to be nurtured and raised to assimilate to human life.
     I know the typical choice would be for the alien to completely overtake the human body and live through it as a shell.  I don't know about you but I've seen the "body snatchers" bit done to death.  Let's shake things up and break out of the box! 

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