Friday, June 21, 2013

P is for Poison.....

     Calamity struck today.  My puppy managed to ingest a silica gel packet.  Since my pup is particularly precocious, she managed to sniff out a package of beef jerky inadvertently left within her reach.  **A word to the wise, if you have house guests who aren't used to having a dog around, watch them like a hawk!**  I called her vet and the doctor told me I needed to induce vomiting immediately.  Here's tip number two: if you have a dog, make sure to have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the house at all times.  Hydrogen peroxide is to dogs as Ipecac is to humans.   Fortunately, we were able to purge her system of the poison very quickly and she will be just fine! 
     Once I was positive that my little monster was going to be alright (and she had completely finished puking) my mind wandered to common household poisons.  Because I love research, I went crazy searching for all types of poisons.  Here's tip number three: if you are searching for deadly poisons, be sure to hide your computer screen or you will alarm said house guest and/or your family. 
     Of course, I found information on all of the "usual suspects".  We all assume pesticides, antifreeze, drain cleaner and battery acid contains poisons.  However, I found some other products that I hadn't expected.  Did you know that Iron Supplements can be fatal to children?  A mouthful of baby or massage oil can  cause lung inflammation or respiratory issues.  The alcohol used in perfumes and colognes is also poisonous.  Another shocker was windshield washer fluid.  I'm sure right now you're all thinking, "Duh", but I don't mean ingesting it.  Simple contact with a person's skin can absorb toxic chemicals from the washer fluid.  I think what surprised me the most was the list of deadly chemicals found in air fresheners.  If I list them, you all will have nightmares for sure! 
     According to the C.D.C., at least 87 people in the United States die every day as a result of unintentional poisoning and over 2,270 are treated in the E/R.  Let's keep poisons in horror or mystery stories and out of our bodies! 

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