Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Since the early 80’s, one song reigns supreme as Halloween’s anthem:  Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.  Regardless of your opinions of the artist, admit it…when you hear that beat, it’s Thriller-Time.  Sure, perfectly choreographed, synchronized, dancing zombies are implausible but damn, it’s fun!  The original video was nearly fourteen minutes long featuring Werewolves, Zombies and the incomparable Vincent Price.  If you’ve never seen it, or, if you’re feeling nostalgic, click on the link below. 

While the scariest part of the video is probably the horrendous eighties fashions, “Thriller” was groundbreaking, back in the day.  The iconic tune has made a comeback in the form of a world-record-breaking flash mob/charitable fundraiser event.   Ines Markeljevic creator of “Thrill The World” has been hosting a worldwide event of dancing and celebrating your “inner-zombie” since 2006.  Once a year, she and her team collaborate times across the globe, establish groups all over the world, provide access to choreography, and even offer costuming and makeup tips for the biggest “Thriller” dance ever!  “Thrill The World” encourages each group to select a charitable organization and use the event as a chance to make a difference.  Not only do you get to dress up like a zombie, dance with your friends, and set a world record in the process, you go home feeling good about yourself for raising money for charity.  Just log on to  and learn how you can join the fun!  

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