Thursday, September 26, 2013

Supporting Characters: Part 4

      On our last discussion of supporting characters, we encountered one of the kindest, sweetest women you'd ever meet.  Fiction, like life, embraces characters from all walks of life and I strive to introduce diverse, realistic, characters in my stories.  Which brings me to Whitney....the antithesis to Iris.  Whitney is the embodiment, the very definition, of "the mean girl".  Every high school has at least one but Lincoln High has several and Whitney is their Queen Bee.    
      As a young child, Whitney learned that beauty is the golden ticket to getting everything you want out of life. Her parents, a former model and an affluent plastic surgeon, reinforced the harsh truth that pretty face and a perfect body were essential for happiness.  To help Whitney shed her "baby fat", she was enrolled in dance and gymnastics classes by the age of three.  When she got older, her mother steered her toward cheerleading as a way to improve her social status while burning calories.  The lavish lifestyle she was born into, teamed with shallow, self absorbed parenting imbibed Whitney with a self-righteous sense of entitlement. The world is her oyster and expects pearls!  She is used to getting what she wants, when she wants it and anyone standing in her way had better watch out.  
      Speaking of what Whitney wants, her sights were set on marrying a rich, handsome man.  Someone wealthy enough to support her high expectations while giving her everything her heart desires.  She has no intentions of working, not outside of the home and certainly not in it.  She expects housekeepers and nannies-assuming she'd ever sacrifice her toned body to bring a child into her world.  Whitney's love of money is only overshadowed by her love of self.  Some people are sore losers, others are poor winners.  Whitney is both.  As a shining example of the "Millennial Generation" her narcissism and self-importance are the traits most noticed-after her physique.  
     I don't know about you but I think haughty, self-absorbed, princesses are choice morsels for the undead. Eat well my zombie pets.  As for the rest of you...sleep well.         

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