Thursday, July 17, 2014

Promo-topia Day 7- Reyna Pryde's Traversing Eternity Novels

Welcome back to Promo-topia running all month long. (stories will be back in August, I promise!) Today is a rare treat because the multi-talented Reyna Pryde is my featured author. Why a rare treat? Well, I'll tell you. You're getting an exclusive sneak peek at her upcoming novel Unique, right here. That's right, no one else has it; you can only get it here. Additionally, she's granted me the privilege of *drum roll, please* a COVER REVEAL! Hold onto your hats. This is something entirely new and, remember; you saw it here first.

Now, in addition to having mad-skills making her own book covers, Reyna has also made some extraordinary promotional images for me. Most recently, I'm sure you've seen the Code Zed art she made because I've plastered it all over Twitter & Facebook. Speaking of book covers....Without further delay, here is, Unique!

Now, perhaps Reyna Pryde is considered a Paranormal Romance Author but, when I read her first short story, Diary of Lilith: Dracula, I realized her work is different from the typical, weak-willed, sappy teen waiting for a creature to save the pathetic human type of Paranormal Romance. In fact, the Diary of Lilith short stories are second only to Unique as my personal favorite. (yes, I got to read it already. nanny nanny boo boo) 

Her Traversing Eternity Novels, each a series in themselves, are all linked in the same "universe". For those of you who enjoy more back story, those free Diary of Lilith short stories will fill your longing while giving you more insight into Lilith's journey. I'll be the first to admit, the Paranormal Romance genre is not my thing but Reyna's style is something I really enjoy. For a complete listing of her works, check out her Amazon Author Page here: and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Unique, coming in late August. 

Now that I've peaked your curiosity, here's the inside scoop (aka book blurb) for Unique: 

After five years in captivity as a blood slave to vampires, the girl named Jessica is no more. In her place stands an killer, driven by hate and seeking revenge for the scars she carries both inside and out. For nearly a decade she dedicated her life to ridding the world of the scourge known as vampires, putting her directly in the crosshairs of her enemy. Lilith, the Queen of Vampires, ordered her number-one assassin, Niten, to bring in the rogue vampire hunter, unharmed. With an offer from the queen, the hunter is given an opportunity to achieve the ultimate revenge on the vampire who destroyed her life. To do so, she will need to face her worst fears. As enemies become allies, she discovers that not all vampires are akin to the monsters from her past and Niten learns that there is nothing ordinary about this woman. She is completely...Unique.

While waiting for Unique to hit Amazon, check out the Diary of Lilith short stories. Also, you can follow Reyna on Facebook at: and Twitter at

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