Sunday, July 13, 2014

Promo-topia Day 7- David Forsyth's Sedulity

Welcome to another installment of Promo-topia. As always, I am your host, S.G. Lee. It just warms my heart to see so many smiling faces in the audience. Let's give a big RoCWoZ round of applause for today's subject David Forsyth's Sedulity.

**Sedulity: (Noun) Constant in purpose & intent assiduous, steadfast, tireless, indefatigable**

For those of you who are already familiar with David Forsyth's work, you may be sad to learn that his newest work, Sedulity, does not feature zombies but fear not...he has embraced a new apocalyptic terror for his readers. Let's take a look at the book blurb to get a feel for Sedulity.

From the author of Voyage of the Dead and the Sovereign Spirit Saga comes a whole new type of apocalypse. Inspired by Lucifer's Hammer and other epic science fiction novels, David Forsyth brings the fear, suspense and thrilling action of "end of the world as we know it" fiction into focus aboard a cruise ship en route to Australia when an asteroid strikes the Central Pacific Ocean. Whatever image that description evokes is nothing compared the epic forces of nature, human drama, and pain of loss you will encounter in this book. Not for the faint of heart. The author takes no responsibility for decreased bookings on cruise ships. Read at your own risk. The scariest part is that this story is based on true possibilities. Are you game?
For fans of Forsyth's other work, sorry, no zombies in this one. But if you like the idea of facing the end of the world on a ship at sea (as in Voyage of the Dead), then you should enjoy this adventure too. Who needs zombies when the world itself turns against you?

Sedulity can be purchased at: Be sure to check out the author himself at and

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