Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Freaks Come Out At Night- Part 9

It didn’t take long before the others were shut down in their attempts to see Maven’s show.  There was always a “plausible” reason but the overwhelming coincidences smacked of foul play.  With no other option, they finally decided to hire a private detective to attend and secretly record the show.  To the elder staff, the whole transaction brought to mind an old 1950’s gumshoe complete with trench coat and fedora but as Sam Cane reclined in his office, chatting with his perspective clients on the phone, he looked more like the guy-next-door.  He wore jeans, t-shirt, and a baseball cap, pretty standard attire for one of the carnival’s patrons.  As he talked the concerned staff from Mystic Magill’s Big Top Carnival through his standard rates and their requirements, he tried to imagine what a motley crew such as they might look like.  He patiently answered all of their questions and hoped he had even managed to set their worried minds at ease.  Ever the professional, Sam wouldn’t accept a penny until he had obtained the requested information, yet he did place a hold on the credit card they had provided. 
            “Okay, here’s how it goes.”  Sam spoke with a quiet confidence into his office phone.  “Tomorrow you will receive a package via FedEx.  Instructions on how to operate the transmitter will be enclosed.  If this guy is half as elusive as you claim, it won’t do for us to meet in person until after I’ve got everything you want.  While I’m in Maven’s show, you’ll be able to hear everything through the transmitter; meanwhile it will also be recording here at my office. I’ll call you tomorrow to make sure you’re comfortable with the machine and then again after closing time.  I’ll do my damnedest to get into that golden ticket show, or whatever it’s called, also.  I have to admit, this is an exciting change from my usual clients.  Trailing cheating husbands and wives can get monotonous.”
Sam chuckled and his new clients managed to loosen up enough to join in the merriment.
            “How are you going to get a recording device inside?”
Sam explained in detail how a tiny microchip recording device was planted inside a pack of cigarettes that he would carry in his pocket.  He also had one hidden inside his baseball cap and another would be worn by his assistant in her earrings.  The staff sounded impressed and wished him luck.  If everything went according to plan, they’d have their answers within the next few days.  

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