Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Freaks Come Out At Night- Part 12

     After a great deal of fanfare and sycophantic cheering, Maven finally appeared on stage.  The first half of his act bordered on tedium and Sam found himself checking his watch repeatedly.  It wasn’t until Maven announced they hypnosis segment of his act that Sam started to pay attention.  Speaking in deep, soothing tones, Maven walked his audience through the relaxation techniques needed to ready oneself to “go under”. 
            “Now, I want you to imagine that I’ve tied a helium balloon to your wrist.  The more you relax, the lighter your body becomes.  The balloon is growing larger and larger until it lifts your hand into the air.”
Maven looked out at his audience, scrutinizing the masses before him.  Some were clearly faking, their hands shot straight up in the air, like an overachiever in class, trying to attract their teacher’s attention.  Others sat stoically in their seats, refusing to allow their bodies the slightest freedom for fear they’d fall under the spell.  The rest were prime candidates for the grand finale of Maven’s show.  He brought the audience “out” of their relaxed state and selected the most susceptible to come on stage.  Sam nearly jumped for joy when Jenny was selected.  She cheerfully sprang up from her seat and sashayed to the stage, enjoying the feel of all eyes on her.  She was joined by a dozen or so others onstage and in no time, Maven succeeded in putting them all into a hypnotic trance.  Once his subjects were under his control, Maven flaunted his abilities.  
     To the delight of the crowd, he had grown men sucking their thumbs and cuddling imaginary teddy bears.  Scantily clad co-eds were instructed to pick their noses, spit imaginary tobacco and scratch their butts.  The crowd erupted into laughter and cheered riotously.  Sam watched with nervous trepidation as Maven approached Jenny, fearful that she would be made to do something humiliating like the others.  Words of potential destruction were whispered in her ear to which she responded by shaking her head yes or no as the questions continued.  Eventually, Maven took the microphone and announced that Jenny believes she is in a bar and has been chosen to sing karaoke.  Sam exhaled slowly, relieved that she wouldn’t be totally humiliated in front of such a large crowd. Granted, she wasn’t classically trained but Jenny’s voice wasn’t bad either.  He even cheered along with the crowd as she belted out her own rendition of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”.  
     After a while, watching Maven play puppet-master to his hypnotized throng made the crowd fidgety and the “victims” were released from their control before being escorted backstage. Maven made his final curtain call and the audience began filing out.  Sam sat glued to his chair, wondering what was keeping Jenny so long.   

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