Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Freaks Come Out At Night- Part 7

Sitting around Tina’s kitchenette, those who considered themselves BT’s closest companions discussed their current predicament. 
            “I feel like such a jerk,” Manny grumbled, adding more rum into his heavily laced cola.  “I never meant to make BT think we’re a bunch of money-grubbers.  There’s just something about that Maven guy that gives me the creeps.” 
            “C’mon, Pop.” Manuel answered, resting a comforting hand on his father’s shoulder.  “BT knows us and when he calms down he’ll realize we weren’t trying to line our own pockets.  We’re looking out for him and Mystic Magill’s Big Top Carnival first and foremost.”
            “I sure hope so,” Clara whispered.
The rest nodded in agreement.  They drank in silence, feelings of guilt and an unnamed fear weighing heavily on their minds.  Finally, Tina spoke out.
            “Ya know, even now… fifteen years later…I still have no idea what exactly it was that Maven did to save the carnival.  We’ve all given him the credit but what did he do?  Why the rapid turn around and how is it that we grew from a rinky-dink traveling carnival to a full-fledged three ring circus act?  For that matter, how did Maven manage to sock away that much cash considering I do the payroll and I know how much he makes?”
            “Speaking of his act,” GoGo chimed in.  “Have any of you ever seen his act?  What does he do and why does he need an entourage of body guards surrounding him at all times?
            “I dunno,” Jared muttered, “but I’d say it’s high-time we found out!” 
They all agreed; more research would be needed before bringing any concerns to BT again.  Rather than raising suspicions, they each vowed to view Maven’s show at different times and never with another staff member.  In a few weeks, or maybe a month, they would get together and review their notes.
            “Maybe there’s nothing there and we’re overreacting but I’d feel a whole lot better if we made sure.” 

            “Me too!” The others responded, in unison.  

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