Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Freaks Come Out At Night- Part 13

None of the participants from the audience had resurfaced and Sam was beginning to worry.  He sought out the bouncer who had confiscated his things and inquired about Jenny.  His inquiry was met with cool disinterest and Sam had to bite his tongue or risk being forcibly ejected.  Instead, he was left standing with his mouth hanging open and no answers.  Sam stormed outside, planning to hunt down the carnival’s security officers when Jenny leapt out from the side exit, wrapping her arms snugly around him. 
            “Sam, where have you been?”  Jenny squealed.  “I’ve been dying to know what happened.  All these strangers have been coming up to me and saying what a great job I did but I can’t remember what happened after I went up on stage.  What did he have me do?” 
Sam relaxed now that she was by his side and even regaled her with the onstage antics which she and her fellow volunteers had engaged.  He had been so focused on Jenny that he had forgotten all about securing an invitation to the gold ticket show. 
            “I’m so glad he didn’t make me do anything humiliating like he did with those other girls,” Jenny giggled.  “I’m starved; let’s go grab some food before the invitational show.”
            “Invitational show, what the heck is that?” Sam demanded.
She reached in her front pocket and pulled out a golden ticket and waved it under Sam’s nose.  His eyes lit up and, though he couldn’t hear it, deep inside her trailer Tina was squealing with excitement.   

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