Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Serial- Part 31

            “You got somewhere to be?”
Seth instantly dropped his arm, as if he hadn’t been checking his watch every few minutes. His brow knitted, mimicking confusion.
            “Um, no…why?”
His Angels of Death laughed and shook their heads.
            “Okay, fine. I promised I’d be home before Mel so we could spend some time together.”
            “Since we’re not working on Kendra, why not cut out early, Seth? It’s not a big deal.”
Sighing, Seth agreed. Without access to the murder victim, it made no sense for him to stick around the morgue. He caught up with Bill on the way out and handed back the detective’s papers.
            “Sorry, I couldn’t get you more info, buddy. You kinda pissed off Agent Dictator and with Kim and Angela off this case my hands are tied. In fact, I’m sneaking out early myself. I can only take so much of the feds.”
Reaching Seth’s car, they shook hands and departed.
Thuds from above woke Marie from her fitful slumber. Oh no, please don’t come down here. Please don’t come down…Damn! His feet clomped down the stairs drawing closer until the door creaked open, slowly. Again, he was toying with her. The sound sent ripples of terror up and down her spine. Unlike his last arrival, the light remained off but it made no difference to Marie. The trauma sustained in his attack had rendered her completely unable to open one eye and unwilling to open the other. The eye that had been skewered with a searing-hot blade continued to ooze and drain down the side of Marie’s face leaving macabre smear of bloody discharge and tissue from the inner recesses of her socket.
            “Are you awake, pet? I have to admit; you’ve thrown a monkey wrench into my plans. I had already started to leave my breadcrumbs for the authorities so that they’d follow the trail and arrest my patsy but you have no link to any of my potential dupes.”
Marie’s eyes remained closed. She said nothing, even after he removed her gag; she remained stoically silent.
            “I’m talking to you! Answer me!”
Good, I’m getting to him, she thought. The corner of her mouth twitched, remnants of a phantom smile long forgotten. In her short time as his captive, Marie forgot what joy felt like and how to smile. Pain and fear were her only companions in the darkness of his lair.
            “Fine! Have it your way. I was going to take pity on you and end it quickly but no; you had to be temperamental, just like…her.”  


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