Friday, September 12, 2014

Serial- Part 21

            “Just think, this entire city…Scratch that. Our entire state is just crawling with rude people. I’m actually performing a public service. I should be given a medal instead of having to keep my activities hidden. I’ll show you what I mean. I’m sure you’ve been to that coffee shop on the corner of Main and Vine, Dark Side of the spoon, right?”
She nodded but doubted he’d noticed. He was too caught up in his monologue.
            “Then I can guarantee that, at one time or another, you were waited on by Trevor. He was smug, condescending little SOB who had something rude to say to each and every customer. No doubt, you noticed a whole lot of commotion the other day. Well, that was Trevor having his sarcastic tongue cut from his mouth. I didn’t bother moving him into a room like yours since he wasn’t worth keeping around. Just the sight of him infuriated me. He was discovered the other night and I’ll bet the cops and the medical examiners are in a state of panic. First, there was the lady they’d found in the trunk of a car, then the floater who’d served as fish food for about two weeks before he washed up from the river. The backtalking barista, Trevor, was next and then they’ll find you. It will prove how incompetent the police really are. They can call in the FBI, the National Guard, and/or Batman but I’ll never, ever, get caught.”
            “Yesss, you will,” she slurred. “Thhhey’ll c-c-catch y-y-uhhhh”
            “It’s about time you finally shut up, pet. I will never be caught because people are idiots. My plan is perfect and before my patsy goes down everyone will be pointing fingers at each other. My puppets will dance just like they did before. Gerald Rhymes was nothing compared to the next monster they’ll frame. The cops are so easily fooled. They’ll nail another innocent slob and I’ll laugh at their ineptitude. For now, it appears the strychnine in your soup teamed with the antifreeze in your soda have left you paralyzed. Pet, I wish I could say this wasn’t going to hurt a bit but I’d be lying.”
    Though she was unable to move, or speak, she could hear everything he’d said. Panic struck, coursing the poison through her system even faster. The slow suffocation was excruciating and fear had nearly swallowed her whole until a brilliant, warm, light enveloped her. A voice, one that sounded like her grandmother, called her by name. A lullaby, the same hymn her grandmother used to sing ushered her to the great beyond. Once his captive’s heart ceased to beat; it was time to prepare her for the big unveiling.
            "Oh, my pet, you will be a monkey wrench in whatever theories the cops have begun to formulate. But where to put you…that is the true test. I think one of the dumpsters on the community college’s campus will be a good place for you. You’ll be discovered quickly; at least I hope you will. I’d hate to think of maggots feasting on your flesh.”
The dead body was doused with several buckets filled with a bleach and water mixture. Once the final excrements from her body were flushed away and her clothing spread out on the table to dry, her naked corpse was wrapped in a special, handmade sheet tied toga-style around her body. Her captor had made the “death shroud” especially for her out of treated flesh from his past victims.
            “I hand sewed this for you, my pet. I hope you like it. Perhaps, you even learned how to appreciate gifts now that I taught you some manners.”
With a backpack full of supplies, he loaded the body into his vehicle and tossed a blanket over her. His backpack was secured into the passenger seat before he started the engine and opened the garage door.
            “I shall miss you, my pet. There might be someone else in your room but they’ll never fill your place in my heart.”
A cruel, sarcastic laugh immediately followed his words. He was already planning to capture his next victim.
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