Thursday, September 18, 2014

Serial- Part 26

    Enraged, he paced back and forth in the small room like a caged tiger. Not only had his target, the rude redhead in her BMW, slipped through his fingers; a stranger had seen him. If only he’d looked before tossing her into his vehicle he could have played the role of a hero who’d saved a drunk girl from nearly face-planting onto the sidewalk. Instead, the mystery girl woke up shackled to the table in his basement. A torrent of profanities flew from his lips. You have no choice. She saw your face…she has to die.
    The internal debate raged on: kill her or set her free. On one hand, he knew he could not release her, at least not alive, but the logistics behind her death was the true choice at hand. He had always prided himself on ridding the world of the rudest, most obnoxious, people his city had to offer but this time it would be different. For the first time, he felt something akin to guilt and remorse. I’ll draw it out of her. Surely, she must have some secret that makes her worthy of agonizing death. I’ll find it and then I’ll make her pay…just like the others. Believing that it would only take a little pressure, he resolved to bring out her worst to appease his conscience.  With as much force as he could muster, he ripped the tape from her face and yanked the sock from her mouth
            “OW!” She screamed. “Are my lips still attached? Sheesh!”
That’s it? Okay, time to kick it up a notch. Knowing she could not see what he was doing, he turned his back to her and faced his work bench. He deliberated jumbled his tools and knives to pique her fears. A quick glance over his shoulder revealed that she was trying to crane her neck to see what was going on while catching her breath. When he lit the blowtorch, that’s when she broke the silence.
            “Excuse me. Could you please tell me what’s going on here? Clearly, you thought you had someone else so why don’t you just put something in my drink; I’ll fall asleep and you can dump me off somewhere. I barely saw your face so there’s no way I could identify you. No harm/no foul, right?”
She even said please. Damn her! He turned to face her and stared directly in her eyes. Say something rude. Do it. Mentally willing her to obey, he raised his favorite filleting knife to eye level.
            “Okay, let’s just take a deep breath, shall we? No need to…”
Marie was attempting to keep calm but the waver in her voice betrayed her. His eyes lit with sheer malice. Her fear will make her crack. It always does.
***Please return Monday, September 22nd for the next installment of SERIAL***

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