Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Freaks Come Out At Night- Part 23

     Under the guise of showing Sam the city and giving Jenny “girl time” with her cousins, after dinner, Uncle Mike and every other relative associated with the local police force, took Sam down to the station.  He relayed every single detail he could remember to Philadelphia’s dedicated brotherhood in blue and, within the hour, Sam had more men and women at his disposal than he could have possibly imagined.  All surrounding departments in the Philadelphia area were on alert.  
     Meanwhile, Mike was trying to collaborate with Detective Todd Kelley and follow up on packages sent to the post office box address Sam had provided.  Just to be safe, patrolmen were ordered to round up any homeless people and get them to a shelter.  To replace the vagrants, undercover officers were staking out the alleyways and park benches.  If Maven really was snatching up street people and having them murdered just to prove he was the puppet master then he was going to be disappointed. Now, they played the waiting game.  

***Please return Monday, 2/24, for the next installment of The Freaks Come Out At Night***

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