Monday, February 10, 2014

The Freaks Come Out At Night- Part 15

Breathless and panting, Sam arrived at Tina’s trailer and pounded on the door.  Fear was plastered on his face and Tina sympathized.  Blushing, she led him to her bedroom where she’d hidden the transmitter.  Sam was too preoccupied with concern for Jenny to notice Tina’s lascivious grin.  They turned the volume up and sat wordlessly, waiting for the show to begin. 
            “Can I get you a drink, Sam?”
She held up an empty beer bottle and gave her best impression of a game show model showcasing a prize.  He shook his head no and offered up a weary smile to his host.  Tina merely shrugged and disappeared to the kitchen for a refill.  By the time she returned, Maven had taken the stage. He spoke the password and instantaneously the entire audience fell under his spell again.  Since the only people to receive a ticket to the “select audience show” were the easy marks, there was no reason to weed anyone out.  Patrons highly susceptible to hypnosis were granted the coveted golden ticket because those were the ones who could be programmed to do Maven’s bidding.
   As always, Maven performed a test to ensure that every single one of his audience was completely under his power. His assistants, Alec and Drake, hauled a raggedy, homeless man to the stage. Though the man was bound and gagged, he still thrashed about, struggling against his captors. 
            “I want everyone to line up behind my assist Drake,” Maven commanded.  “Excellent.  Now, one at a time, kick the man on the floor as hard as you can.”
A wicked smile crept across his lips as one by one each of his puppets obeyed. Dull thuds, agonizing groans, and cracking bones blended together to create a bizarre symphony of pain. 
            “Now, I want the gentlemen to move to the left side of the stage, ladies on the right.” 
Maven walked over to the men, tapped the three largest on the shoulder and asked them to join him at center stage.  His assistants draped the men in plastic rain ponchos then handed each of them a dagger. 
            “Everyone, come close so you can get a good look,” Maven hissed.  “I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the fun.”
On Maven’s command, the three men stabbed the bound victim to death while the rest cheered.  

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