Monday, February 3, 2014

The Freaks Come Out At Night- Part 14

Jenny scarfed down her food, checking her watch even more often than Sam.  He noted the odd change in her behavior but didn’t think much of it until she was forcefully dragging him across the fairground to Maven’s tent.
            “C’mon,” she grunted, pulling on Sam’s arm.  “We’re going to be late.”
            “Well that’s a switch…you’re habitually late for everything.” Sam teased.  “Girl, you were even born late!”
Sam joked but in truth her tendency to be late had been the source of many arguments between the couple.  He finally resolved the issue by bumping up her “arrival time” by an hour or two so that she wouldn’t be late.  In light of her new compulsion to be on time, Sam wondered if hypnosis could resolve Jenny’s other annoying habits.  He fantasized about eliminating the way she popped her gum and, perhaps, even giving her a more positive self image.  How a girl that skinny can be convinced she’s fat is beyond me, Sam thought to himself.  He was still contemplating the finer points of behavior correction hypnosis when the line started to move.  Jenny handed over her ticket and stepped inside the tent.  The surly guard stuck his arm out, preventing Sam’s entrance. 
            “Where’s your ticket?”
            “I’m with her,” Sam insisted.
            “No ticket, no entry.”
Sam’s attempt to weasel his way in was met with steeled denial.  For the first time, Sam feared there might be something behind the claims of his clients.  After all, an act with nothing to hide wouldn’t have a slew of muscle-bound freaks guarding the tent and refusing admission to paying customers.  He screamed Jenny’s name through the doorway but she did not come back for him. 
            “Look, pal.” The bouncer snarled.  “That couple you’re supposed to be trailing isn’t in here and clearly your gal wants to see the show.  Move along or I’ll have you thrown out!”
Having no other choice, Sam backed away from the entrance and far from arm’s reach.   With his heart in his throat, Sam retrieved his cell phone and called Tina. 
            “Tina?  It’s Sam.  Jenny is inside that private show but they won’t let me in.  Have you been listening to the transmitter? Is she in danger?”
            “Honestly…I’ve been in and out.  My sister stopped by so I missed most of the show.  I have no idea what happened.  Why don’t you just come here and we’ll listen in.  It’s closer than driving all the way back to your office.”
Sam’s sigh of relief expressed his fears more than the words he’d spoken.  Tina gave him directions and he raced at high speed to her trailer.
            “Thank God Jenny doesn’t know about the transmitter in her earrings!”  

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