Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Eternal Call: Part 17

Though the other three captains insisted Eleon was not to blame, he could not dismiss the fact that the fault belonged squarely on his own shoulders.  If there was a way to undo the curse, Eleon resolved to find it and free his brothers in arms. 
            “I think we need to have a meeting with the men this evening.” Praxis decided.  “It is only right that we share what we have learned.  I think we should also release those who are not cursed.  We cannot drag them into the battles we will be facing especially since we cannot die but they undoubtedly will.”

The others quickly agreed; it was best to get everyone on the same page as soon as possible.  Despite Eleon’s insistence that he be the one to break the news, the other three decided that Demetrios would be best suited for the task.  All the while, the young villager watched the captains with admiration.  They had not turned on each other in the wake of tragic news.  Instead, they banded together even closer and rather than point fingers, they extended the hand of friendship.  

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