Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Eternal Call: The Finale

Months later, the story of the brotherhood had been forgotten and Grandpa had moved on to a new tale about blood sucking aliens to captivate the children.  He had been sitting in his recliner, working on the plot while the children were at school when the phone rang.  After a quick word to his wife, he dashed out to his car and took off down the street.  He drove as quickly as possible to Erica’s office and went inside to find her.  Moments later they were racing down the freeway, Erica’s face was as white as snow.  Hours later, they reached the VA hospital and a kind nurse escorted them to the room.  Tears streamed down Erica’s face as she looked at her husband lying in the bed before her.  The nurse tapped John’s shoulder and he opened his eyes. 
            “Hiya, baby,” He mumbled groggily.  “God, I’ve missed you.”
In a flash she was by his side, hugging him, crying and laughing all at the same time.  The old man and the nurse stepped out into the hall to give the couple a few moments of privacy.  After a while, he poked his head in the room and Erica waved him in.  John struggled to sit up then shook hands with his father in law.  The moment their palms touched it sent a jolt through their arms like a zing of electricity.  William looked down at his son in law’s palm and immediately recognized the identical scar on John’s palm.  They looked into each other’s eyes and nodded.  Now, they were more than father/son in law, they were brothers.  

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