Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Eternal Call: Part 12

“As the day progressed, the soldiers worked to repair the damage to the village.  Since they did not know of his betrayal, they cut down their fallen brother and gave him a proper burial.  The remains of the warlords and their slaves were incinerated to prevent spreading diseases and hours later the villagers were relieved to see some semblance of order.  To show their thanks, the villagers prepared a huge banquet and tables were hauled out into the square.  Piled high with savory entrees and delectable sweets, the planks bowed under the weight of so much food.  The wine flowed as both soldiers and civilians toasted to life, liberty and happiness.  Maidens blushed, warriors boasted and a fine afternoon melted into a glorious sunset.  It appeared that the worst was behind them but that’s always when the other shoe drops.  Once the last fuchsia swirl melted into a rich indigo blue in the sky, a galaxy of stars sparkled overhead.  It was then that the demon’s slumber broke and it burst from hiding, in search of more souls.  The crack of leathery wings against the cool night air sounded like distant thunder rolling in from the shore but the geyser of fire shooting from its mouth was proof enough that there was a different kind of storm brewing.  

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