Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Specter of Death- Part 7

All day, the feeling of dread gnawed at the pit of Kim’s stomach. She didn’t like the idea of messing around with dark forces but the others were resolved to make it happen. Only Angela had been on her side. At lunch they both tried to steer the investigation down a different path but their reluctance was met with disdain.
            “If you’re not into it, that’s totally fine but there’s no reason for you to try to talk us out of it,” said Marie. “We need answers. Besides, there’s nothing to be afraid of; this isn’t a horror movie.”
Those words echoed in both Angela and Kim’s minds the rest of the day. In a last ditch effort to stop what they were sure would end in disaster, Angela placed a call to Billy’s cell phone.
            “Maybe he can talk Gillian out of it,” Angela whispered as the phone rang.
            “Even better, maybe he’s got some information about those symbols. If there’s work to be done, Marie won’t have time to mess around with those damn Ouija Boards.” Kim replied.
The phone rang again, then a third time and a fourth. Angela was just about to hang up when Billy’s voice came through the receiver.
            “Angela? What’s wrong? Is everyone okay?”
            “Hey, Bill, I hope this isn’t a bad time. No, we’re okay. No one has been hurt … yet. We were hoping you could help us avoid that.” Angela answered.
            “What do mean yet?” Bill’s voice was thick with concern. “Where’s Kim and Gillian?”
            “Kim is right here with me and Gillian will be back in a few minutes. She ran over to the coffee shop for some lattes so we wanted to catch you before she got back.”
In one deep breath, Angela relayed the entire story and their concerns about what could happen if Gillian, Marie, and Kenj, used their Ouija Board in the morgue. For a second, there was silence at the other end of the receiver. She and Kim exchanged worried glances, waiting for a reply.
            “Seriously? I ducked out of my class for that? It’s a freaking kid’s toy! It says right on the box for ages eight and up. I can’t believe you called me for this. Tell Kim I’ll call her tonight after my classes to talk about the symbols. I gotta go.”
            “He hung up,” Angela gasped.
            “Well, at least we tried,” Kim said as she draped her arm across Angela’s shoulders. “Maybe, nothing will happen and we’re worrying for no reason.” 

***Again, I apologize for my absence. Hopefully, the plague has been vanquished but I see my doctor this afternoon to be sure. Don't tell him I was working! If all goes well, the next installment of Specter of Death shall be Tuesday, May 5th or Revenge of the Fifth for my fellow geeks. Until then, avoid the plague!!!***

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