Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Specter of Death-Part 6

Detective McDonald, Kim, and Kenj were in the middle of reviewing the security camera feed when Kim’s phone alerted her of a new text message.
            I found some info on those symbols. I’ll call you tonight with details, after my evening class. Hope you’re well. --- Billy
Kim’s lips pressed into a firm line and her eyebrows knitted together to complete the scowl. Oh, Billy, I’d sure be better if you told me what you’ve discovered, she thought, waiting until tonight will be torture. She typed in, ‘thank you’ and pressed send.
            “Something wrong?” Detective Marie McDonald asked.
            “No, it’s just a message from one of my friends. He found out something about those symbols but he can’t call me until tonight.” Kim sighed.
            “Tonight? Doesn’t he realize how urgent this is? Can’t you call him instead?”
            “No, he’s a professor at my old alma mater so he’s teaching. He has an evening class so he’ll call me tonight.”
Detective McDonald sighed, knowing she’d have to be patient but it wouldn’t be easy. Instead, she decided to focus on getting what little information was available on the body from the previous night.
            “Well, then, can you at least give me something on the body from last night? What about that symbol on him? Kenj, did you tell Kim about it? It’s similar but not exactly the same as the others.”
            “It did the same thing overnight though. It was all bloody when I closed up but today it looks like he was branded years ago.” Kenji said. “I spent half the night researching online but I’ve got zilch.”
            “Hopefully, Billy can—” Kim’s sentence was cut off by a buzz through the intercom system. “Oh, yeah. That’s fine. Send them back.”
Detective McDonald and Kenj wore matching expressions of puzzlement. Kim noticed their heads, cocked to the side, reminding her of a puppy she had when she was a child. Moments later, her friends Gillian and Angela poked their heads in the door.
            “Hey, how’s it going?” Angela asked. “We thought we would take you out to lunch.”
            “Yeah, it’s the least we can do since we kept you up all night … Oh, sorry, are we interrupting?” Gillian said, worried when she realized Kim wasn’t alone.
After introducing her friends to Kenj and Detective McDonald, the conversation steered back to the investigation.
            “I’ve never heard of anything quite like this,” Marie McDonald admitted. “I’ve talked to everyone on the force. Hell, I even called my mentor. He was a detective for over thirty years before he finally decided to retire. All those years and he was flat-out baffled. Right about now, I am open to anything that might give us some answers.”
            “Really?” Gillian asked. “Do you mean that? Because I have an idea but … Angela is flat-out opposed.”
            “Seriously? I can’t even believe you’re going to suggest this to a room full of professionals, Jilly. It’s not right,” Angela muttered.
Detective McDonald noticed Angela’s body tense as she crossed her arms over her chest. It piqued her curiosity. Gillian shook her head in dismay and rolled her eyes at her wary friend.
            “Okay, now I’ve got to know,” Marie insisted. “Gillian, what’s your idea?”
            “The best way to find out is to just ask Seth. We could use a Ouija Board and try to contact him. Worst case scenario, we can’t reach him and you’re no worse off than you are now. Best case … he tells us what happened and maybe you can stop it from happening to others.”
            “At this point, I’ll try anything!” The detective declared. “Since you knew him, we might have a better chance of contact. Obviously, Angela, if you’re not comfortable with it, you certainly don’t have to join us. Kenj? Kim? Where do you stand on it?”
            “Sure, I’ll join you,” said Kenj. “I tried it once as a kid but that was ages ago. Whaddya say, Kim? Are you in?”
            “No, sorry. I’m not into that stuff. I want to find out what happened just as much as anyone but … no, not like that.” Kim answered.
            “That’s okay,” Marie said; her tone was soothing and full of understanding. “It’ll just be me, Gillian and Kenj then.”
            “Hey, why don’t we do here?” Kenj offered. “Tonight, after Kim is done for the day. Afterwards, I’ll personally drive Gillian back to Kim’s, if you want.”
Gillian nodded in agreement and, for the first time, Detective Marie McDonald had something to look forward to in the case. She just had to remind herself that she’d have to wait for closing time to see if they could make anything happen. And if it doesn’t, maybe Kim’s friend Billy has some information we can use

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