Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Serial- Part 47

Kim’s eyes sparkled with pure mischief.
            “Nope, and neither are you.”
            “Can I ask you a serious question, Kim?” She nodded so Seth continued. “Do you think it’s him? I mean, do you think Bill is the killer?”
            “I hope not.”
She sipped at her coffee and tried not to think about the danger they’d invited into their lives.  Seth’s attempt to steer their benign small talk back to Kim’s plan was shut down at every turn. Maybe she’s decided to do as Bill said and let the professionals handle it, he thought. At least I won’t end up in the doghouse with Mel … but what about Angela? I'd feel bad for bailing on her. He was still pondering his concerns when Kim stood and dropped a couple of dollars on the table.
            “Shhh, outside,” Kim hissed through her teeth.
Nodding, Seth dropped his own tip on the table and followed Kim outside. He expected her to stop but she walked straight to her car, never looking back. He called out to her but Kim continued on, as if she didn't hear him. Less than a second later, Seth’s cell phone buzzed in his pocket. The text message, again, was from Kim:
            See the envelope on your front passenger seat. Plan is enclosed.
Before his brain wrapped itself around what she’d said, a second text came through.
            P.S.  There’s a serial killer on the loose. You really should lock your car doors!!
            P.P.S.  DUH!
Seth laughed but the realization that she’d been inside his car was disturbing. What if she was actually here before me and she’d been waiting in the parking lot the whole time. There could be anything inside my car right now, his inner voice panicked.
    He stopped for a moment and pretended to tie his shoe, even though they were still tied. From that angle he could see under the vehicle. Nothing was leaking and no one was hidden underneath. Before climbing into the driver’s seat, he peered into the back to make sure no one was inside. Whew! Seth reached for the envelope on the adjacent and his phone buzzed again. Another text from Kim:
            Not now! Drive home and then open it! If you still want to join me you’ll follow the directions exactly. Hopefully, I’ll see you later. 

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