Thursday, October 23, 2014

Serial- Part 41

    Cruising through town, a smile cut across his lips as if he’d slashed them with a knife—harsh, cold, and calculated. Angela’s request to make sure his last victims had a proper burial had given him a brilliantly conniving idea. Nothing like mocking the local police, he sneered. I’ll make them look like idiots. He’d been performing his ‘public service’ as he called it, for a long time. Gerald Rhymes bore the blame most recently but before that, it had been another. He’d come to learn, over the years, certain routines that made it easy for him to thumb his nose at the police. If they had any sense, they would have functional cameras in the back of their building, he told himself. They think no one would dare do anything on police property.
    He pulled into the station’s lot and circled his SUV around to the back of the building. The camera on the roof’s edge still had a severed cable from when he’d cut it months ago. The idea had come when he’d noticed a group of juvenile delinquents goofing off in the back lot. After they’d jumped a homeless man, just for fun, not a single cop came out to address the situation. The wicked wheels of his mind churned up the idea to sever the cable, just to see if that would bring anyone running. In the end, he’d learned that the cameras were decoys which fed into his plan perfectly.
    Before exiting his vehicle, he pulled a hat down over his eyebrows and gloves on his hands. The bag carrying Jill and Marie’s mangled remains had been resting inside a tub in the back. Hefting the plastic coffin, he dropped it by the dumpster and sliced it open with a pocketknife. Gore-cover chunks of flesh, bone, and hair spilled out onto the macadam. He fought the urge to admire his work, instead, he hopped back into his vehicle and drove away.
At 6:45 a.m. Seth’s cell phone rang. Groaning, he rolled over to apologize to Mel but she was already in the shower. Just as he was turning off the ringer, another call came through followed by two text messages.
            “Ugh! Why would anyone call me at this ungodly hour?” Seth muttered before answering the phone. Since the Caller ID showed it was Kim, he answered it. “Hey, Kim. What’s going on?”
Hearing her husband’s voice, Mel opened the bathroom door and peeked into the bedroom.
            “Wait, what? What do you mean she’s missing? Yeah, I’ll be there in a bit. Let me just grab a quick shower and I’ll be there,” Seth promised before he hit end. “Holy crap!”
            “Seth, sweetie, what’s wrong? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” Mel said.
            “It’s Angela…she’s missing.”
    Within thirty minutes, Seth was showered, shaved, dressed, and sitting in Kim’s morgue. His lone Angel of Death’s eyes were bloodshot and puffy against her pale skin. Completely out of character, Seth gave her a hug. As if hoping to reassure himself as well as Kim, he whispered over and over, “It’ll be okay”.
            “Angela was supposed to meet me last night. A bunch of us were getting together for a girl’s night.” Kim’s voice sounded weak and exhausted. “We called and texted…hell, we even stopped by her house but her car was gone. I thought maybe something came up so we all went out without her. They found her abandoned car but she was gone. When Bill realized it was Angela’s car, he called me. I’m sorry; I don’t even know why I called you.”
            “Don’t be silly. I’m glad you called me. I was—”
Seth’s sentence was cut off when Detective Crash entered the room.  
            “More bodies have been found. Agent Dictator has ordered all of us to the crime scene. C’mon, I’ll drive,” said Bill.
            “I’ll see you two later, then,” Seth told them as his head toward the door. “Let me know how—”
            “No,” Bill interrupted. “All of us.”
The ride to the crime scene was silent. None of them spoke a word. When they pulled into the police station, there was already a crowd present: FBI, police, and crime scene investigators.
    Kim pulled on her gloves and ran to the scene, terrified that she would find her dear friend. Seth started after her but Detective Crash grabbed him by the arm.
            “Did Kim call you this morning?” Bill asked. When Seth shook his head yes, the detective sighed. “Listen, you be careful around her…Agent dictator told me he thinks she’s the killer.”
***Please return Monday, October 27th for the next installment of SERIAL***

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