Friday, October 10, 2014

Serial- Part 36

As the garage door opened, Marie’s stomach threatened to go into reverse. She knew he was home and, not only was she unable to break free, Jill was still unconscious. A torrent of profanities flew past her lips but Marie was trapped and there was nothing she could do.
            “Tsk, tsk, such a potty mouth you have, my pet. Would you kiss your mother with that mouth? It seems I was in such a rush that I forgot to put your gag back in but I won’t be making that mistake again.”
As he stuffed an old rag in her mouth, Marie tried to bit his fingers but he managed to snap his digits back before she could sink her teeth into his flesh.
            “You are a feisty one! Let’s just see about finding you something to bury those teeth in…are you that hungry? You could have just asked for some food.” He sneered.
The sarcasm was nearly thick enough to slice and his cruel laugh only fueled Marie’s anger as he disappeared from sight. He raced upstairs but returned again in record time. Too bad he didn’t fall and split his head open, Marie thought. By his footsteps she could tell that he’d entered the room again but, whether deliberately or by accident, he was in her blind spot.
            “Here, since you’re so hungry…have a bite of my sandwich. No? Are you sure? Fine then, I’ll give it to your friend. She has better manners than you do anyway. Since you’re being such a bratty little pet, I’m giving you one warning and one warning only. If you make so much as a sound, I will gut your friend like a fish right here and now, got it?”
Before Marie could answer, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head to ensure that her good eye was facing Jill. He slapped one more section of duct tape over her mouth to stifle the noise before he reached down and unfastened one of Jill’s arms.
            “Jill? Jill, can you hear me?” He whispered in a kind and caring tone. “You had a nasty fall. One second you said you were feeling dizzy and the next you were unconscious. When’s the last time you ate anything?”
Dazed and groggy, Jill’s eyes fluttered open for just a moment before drooping again. Her words slurred into an incomprehensible jumble in contrast to his soothing words.
            “No, no, don’t try to move your left arm. It looked like you might have done some damage in the fall so I have it in a sling. Now, I’m going to just prop you up a little bit and I want you eat some of this sandwich. You’ve been so worried about your friend that I’ll bet you forgot to eat, didn’t you?”
Still heavily sedated, she nodded but her eyes never opened. He knew the drugs he’d put in her coffee would prevent her from thinking rationally. The power of suggestion finally won and as he pressed the sandwich up to her lips, Jill took a bite—then another and another.
            “That was delicious, wasn’t it? Yes, I made it myself now just lie back and close your eyes.” Once her shackles were fastened again, his sweet demeanor changed. “Want to know my secret recipe for that succulent meat? Well, first you have to find just the right girl. Males are not as tender, you know. Then, once you carve off the calf muscle, remove the outer skin, season the meat and put it in the slow-cooker overnight with lots of onions, garlic, carrots and potatoes. I threw some mushrooms in this time but I think they got a little too squishy so I’d skip them if you ever want to try it.”
            “Calves? Sh-Sh-Shouldn’t …eat…veal,” Jill’s garbled words came out slowly.
Shedding his masquerade, he laughed cruelly.
            “No, not calf as in a baby cow. Calf, as in what’s missing from your dear friend, Marie. Now the two of you really are a part of each other.”
    Hearing her friend’s name, Jill’s eyes snapped open. It was then that she saw Marie bound to the table across from her. Wanting to call his bluff, she allowed her line of sight to trail away from Marie’s face to the mangled, bloody stump of her leg. Muffled cries escaped Marie’s gag as tears flowed down her cheeks, not for her own pain but for that of her friend. Jill’s face paled and turned green before her stomach revolted. The remains of the calf sandwich spewed onto the floor. Standing at a safe distance, his laugh drowned out the sounds of retching and sobs from his victims. 
***Please return Monday, October 13th for a special announcement.*** Subsequently, the next installment of SERIAL will follow on Tuesday, October 14th. Until then, my pets....

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