Friday, April 18, 2014

Liebster Award

    As most of you know, I am still waiting for a replacement piece to repair my computer and until it arrives Ocean is still locked away like bones in a tomb. Needless to say, I will be making changes to the way I store and save my work to avoid such conundrums in the future and learn. In the meantime, I have received amazing news. My blog has been nominated for a Liebster Award!! I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to Barry from for this amazing honor!
    So, you may be wondering what this means and how it all works. Here's the scoop on the Liebster Award.
  • Bloggers who have been nominated must link back to the person who nominated them.
  • Nominees must answer the 11 questions given to them by the one who nominated them.
  • Nominees must also nominate 11 of their favorite bloggers (who have less than 200 followers) and assign them 11 questions to answer. 
  • You CANNOT nominate someone who has nominated you! 
  • You are not, in any way, obligated to participate.  
Okay, first things are my nominees:
Vern’s Video Vortex
Frisco Kid at the Movies 
Carnage’s World of Horror

These are the questions you must answer. Some were the ones passed on to me and others are my own twisted design.  
  1. What is your favorite horror movie and why?
  2. Who is your favorite author and how has his/her work influenced your writing?
  3. Freddy or Jason?
  4. What would be your ultimate weapon for the Zombie Apocalypse?
  5. If you could be instantly transported into the world of any book, which would you choose and why?
  6. In your opinion, what is the best book to movie translation?
  7. Which is the worst?
  8. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  9. What angers you the most when watching a movie in the theater? 
  10. Do you prefer music or silence while you are writing? 
  11. What movie is your "guilty pleasure", the one you know is just plain awful but you love it anyway?
And finally, these are the questions that were presented to me:
  1. What angers you the most when watching a movie in the theater?  Without a doubt, my biggest pet peeve is the all-around lack of manners. Folks, this is a movie theater NOT your living room. If you want to talk, text, answer your phone or sing (yes, I've been in a theater and someone decided to burst into song and it wasn't during The Rocky Horror Picture Show) then stay home and wait for Video On Demand, Blu-Ray or whatever home viewing method you prefer. 
  2. What do you love about watching movies in theaters?  There is a certain inherent magic when you're sitting in the dark in front of a giant silver-screen with perfect acoustics and complete surround sound. I think what heightens it even more than just being at home with a big-screen TV is that the room is full of other people, whether they're strangers, friends, loved ones, it doesn't matter because you are all feeling that same anticipation and excitement together. 
  3. Name a movie you never want to watch. Ever. The Human Centipede. I can't even fathom how this would be remotely interesting for anyone to watch. I have never seen it and I never will. 
  4. Name a movie you're ashamed you haven't seen yet. I'm very lax in the "Golden Age of Hollywood" sweeping epics like Ben-Hur or Lawrence of Arabia. They're just not my thing but most people seem very shocked that I've never seen either of those films. As a side note, I'll admit that this was the first year that I'd seen It's a Wonderful Life all the way through from start to finish without interruption. I'd always seen bits and pieces but who has the time during the holidays, right? My family decided to put an end to my most shameful ommission this past December. 
  5. Favorite weekend hang-out. I mostly prefer to entertain in my home. I like throwing parties or having a cookout but if I am going out; I prefer sporting events (especially if my Philadelphia teams are playing: Flyers, Eagles, Phillies). I also love going to Art Museums.
  6. Favorite band or music artist for the week. This is hard for me because I have an eclectic iTunes Library. There's a little bit of everything on there. This week, I spent equal time listening to Classical music and Disturbed. Yeah, I know, that makes absolutely no sense. Other top played artist were The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Metallica. Go figure....
  7. 3D, Yay or Nay?  Nay! To me it is a gimmick that resurfaces every 30 years. Think about it....the 50's, the 80's, and then just a few years ago there was another big 3D push. It's cute for little kid movies but I'd prefer to skip the 3D experience when it comes back around in 30 years. 
  8. Name a movie you wish you could have been on the set while it was filming. The Avengers (2012). It just seemed like they were having a blast.  
  9. How do you stream movies (Computer, Blu-Ray Player, Game Consoles like PS4 and Wii)? All of the above.  
  10. What are your top 5 favorite movie podcasts? Honestly, I don't listen to podcasts very often. I genuinely prefer reading the transcript.
  11. Who is your movie celebrity crush? You have to answer for both guys and girls. Hmm...this is interesting.  Since it is 1:30 AM and I'm feeling punchy, I'm going to answer both classic Hollywood and current stars for both genders.  Classic Hollywood first....for leading ladies, it is a tie: Vivien Leigh (she was stunning as Scarlett O'Hara) and Ingrid Bergman (another classic beauty). For classic males, I have another tie. I'm going to say Gene Kelly (he could sing, dance and act) and Bela Lugosi (C'mon, anyone who knows me know I am a HUGE Bela Lugosi fan. I consider him the face of horror). Now, for the current stars... I think I would have to pick either Christina Hendricks or Jessica Alba. They're both glamorous but seem fun and quirky at the same time. For the man-crush, I guess I would have to say it's a Thor tie....Tom Hiddleston (he also happens to be a genuinely nice guy who goes out of his way to help sick children) and Chris Hemsworth (because, he's Thor and you don't dis the God of Thunder)  
Well, friends, that concludes the Q&A session for my Liebster nomination. I sincerely hope you will check out the other nominees and spend some time reading their blogs. Again, thank you, Barry for this honor. Please keep your fingers crossed that I will get the correct part for my computer so I can get Ocean back online.  Until then.....stay out of the water! 

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