Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Specter of Death- Part 24

Blushing, Bill smoothed his hand over his buzzed scalp and offered the new detective a sly grin.
            “You don’t know me but I’d never try to manipulate an officer of the law … unless, of course, it worked. In that case, you’ve got me.”
            “You’re quite the charmer, aren’t you? Well, ordinarily, I’d say no to a civilian tagging along but those Seekers aren’t right in the head. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having someone watching my back.” Detective Sanchez replied. “But if I tell you to leave … you’d better be out the door A-friggin’-sap. Got that?”
            “Yes, ma’am!” He said, trying to hold back a chuckle. “As you wish.”
Together, Detective Sanchez and Bill exited the morgue, leaving the others to their work. Dr. Tynesdale picked up where he left off in the deciphering of Seth’s symbols.
            “Now, those two symbols have opposite meanings which is why it is so vital to get input from the zealots who created them. On one hand, it could mean the key has unlocked the beyond. But, if it is the other, it means the key locked the gateway.”
Gillian’s weight shifted from side to side as she fidgeted with her rings. The weight of a hand that wasn’t there rested on her shoulder. The same gesture would have provided comfort if offered by Kim or Angela but the shadow figure’s presence only brought fear.
     She tried to focus on Dr. Tynesdale instead, and his tedious rambling. The doctor had moved on to another theory as he fumbled through his notes and files. Gillian’s mind wandered until Dr. Tynesdale cried out and let loose a torrent of profanities that would make a trucker blush. His files and a mountain of papers burst from his hands and fluttered to the floor.
            “Doctor? Are you okay?” Kim asked.
            “Pardon my language,” he responded, his voice wavering. He slowly lifted his hand and pointed to Gillian. “I, um, don’t mean to alarm you, dear, but are you aware that there is a, uh … spirit of sorts behind you?”
Kim and Angela whipped around to look at their friend but they saw nothing. Mutual expressions of confusion passed between the friends They glanced back at the professor and his previously rosy face had paled to the color of skim milk.
            “I’ve studied this for years but never before have I actually seen a shadow person with my own eyes. Truth be told, I always assumed those who claimed to have seen one were a little off in the head. Please, tell me you ladies see it too!” Dr. Tynesdale said, his eyes never leaving Gillian’s face.
Kim and Angela exchanged worried glances and shook their heads no. One raced to get the professor a glass of water while the other felt his head for signs of a fever. They fussed over him for a moment before Gillian broke the silence.
            “Don’t worry, Doctor Tynesdale, I see it too. It’s been following me ever since the Ouija Board séance.”
            “Extraordinary,” he murmured just before fainting. 

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