Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Specter of Death- Part 10

Billy’s sigh on the other end of the call sent an icy dagger into Kim’s heart.
            “Hey, I’m gonna put you on speaker phone but hold off on telling us what you found. We’re waiting for Gillian to change … she came home soaking wet. I don’t even want to imagine what went on inside my morgue.”
            “What was she doing inside your morgue without you?” Billy asked.
            “I told you they were using that Ouija Board tonight.”
            “You didn’t say they were doing it inside the morgue. What the h—”
            “She back,” Kim interrupted.
The time for grilling Gillian about what happened would come but Kim had been on the edge of her seat, waiting to find out what Billy had unearthed.
            “I have to say, there are some incredible people at the university. I had fellow professors, grad students, and even a few suck-ups from my classes all working on these symbols. Overall, the consensus is that they’re ancient runes but we don’t know if they’re Old Norse or Anglo Saxon.”
            “Why must there always be a ‘but’ in there?” Angela groaned. “A clear cut answer would have been nice, for once.”
            “Tell me about it,” Bill agreed. “The meanings behind the symbols are totally different in many cases, even though they look exactly the same.”
            “So, how do we know which is the correct interpretation?” Kim asked.
            “Well, I’m on my way now. I should be there in a few hours. I think it’s best if we all review them together with the detective working this case. Kim, can you call her and set up a meeting for sometime tomorrow?”

*** In the push to get my next book launched there will be a two week hold until Part 11 so I will see you all back here on Tuesday, June 2nd. Happy Memorial Day and thank you to those who served or are currently serving. You have my deepest respect! ***

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