Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Serial- Part 2

Just like Angela instructed, Seth arrived at the coffee shop on the corner of Main Street and Vine at 9:00AM. The place was still bustling with activity, semi-conscious zombies in need of their caffeine shuffled toward the counter, grunting their orders. Unaccustomed to being active at such an early hour, Seth joined the drones of bleary- eyed undead and ordered a triple espresso.  He sipped the piping hot liquid and released a satisfied sigh.
            “You must be Seth.”
Startled, he turned around a cheerful woman was smiling at him.
            “Wow, you’re definitely not a morning person, huh?
“Is it that obvious?”
Seth chuckled as blood crept up his neck and flushed his cheeks. Angela introduced herself and extended her hand in greeting. Nice, firm handshake and a friendly smile…working with her should be fun. I wonder if I can convince her to start later in the day though.
            “Kim agreed to have you come into the morgue and get a feel for things there and the two of us can answer some initial questions as they arise. Does that work for you?”
            “Yeah, that’s perfect. I can’t thank you enough.”
            “Well, we’ll see if you still feel that way after your trip to the morgue. For those who’ve never been there it can be a real eye-opener.”
For the briefest moment, Seth felt a twinge of self doubt. It was one thing to write about death, murderers, and serial killers but quite another to see the aftermath up close and personal. Man, I hope I don’t humiliate myself by puking or something. I’d never live that down. But Angela didn’t give him time to let worry take root; she was too busy filling him in on what role she played in the process. 
            “Forensic photography isn’t just snapping lots of photos, you know. Our work is vital to investigators, and often in courtrooms, for an accurate representation of the crime scene. We shoot both in color and black and white to capture even the most minute details. Using the correct lighting and angled lenses is vital and it takes a lot of training for it to become second nature,”
Seth furiously scribbled every word into his note pad as Angela proceeded to enlighten him about the precision and scale representation of forensic photography. Three full pages of tiny script later, they arrived at the morgue. He was glad he’d taken Angela up on her offer to drive; the information she’d provided along the way had been worth writing down word for word. Seth followed his new business associate down a long corridor until she stopped outside the door.
            “Okay, this is your last chance to back out, Seth. I can’t be held accountable for what happens on the other side of this door.”
Smiling a playful, teasing grin, Angela laughed and opened the door. 
            “Hey, Kim! I’ve got some fresh meat for you.”
The same woman Seth had seen in the newspaper photograph removed her safety goggles and gloves.  She crossed the room and Angela made the introductions.
            “So, Seth, can you keep a secret?” Kim asked in hushed tones. She waited until he agreed before proceeding. “I see dead people.”
Both she and Angela burst out laughing; Seth immediately followed suit. He instantly realized that he would enjoy their company and off-beat sense of humor. At least it won’t be dull, he thought silently.
            “Hey, you’re in luck we’ve got a fresh one today. I was holding off until you and Angela arrived. C’mon, let’s get you suited up and then we can get started.”

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