Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mandy-Part 7

    Mandy was still watching me with unshed tears in his eyes as I pulled the harness out of my bag. Fear gave way to puzzlement as I unbuckled the all the straps and started fitting them snugly around Mandy’s body.
            “I’ve got a solution to your bathroom predicament, Mandy. I just need to change your restraints a bit and you’ll be good to go…literally.”
I chuckled at my own pun as I attached the chains to the clips on Mandy’s harness. Once I was certain they were secure, I untied Mandy’s feet. He winced as his legs flopped against the hard floor.  With shattered bones in each, I knew he wouldn’t try to kick me.  
            “Are you right or left handed?”
Mandy’s eyes widened, fear prevented him from answering me.
“You’re not getting both arms freed so are you right or left handed?”
When he answered, I nodded and proceeded to pull one of Mandy’s skirts from the bag I’d liberated from his house. I roughly yanked the skirt over his thighs and up to his waist.
            “Look, man, I don’t know what kind of pervy games you think-”
Before Mandy could continue I punched him in the gut. He was still gasping for breath as I responded.
            “Don’t flatter yourself. There is absolutely nothing attractive about you in any way, shape, or form. I don’t care how much makeup you spackle on your face; you can’t hide the ugliness inside. I am only putting your skirt on so that you can empty your bladder and bowels easily.”
Once his skirt was in place, I cut off the mesh shorts and underwear he’d been wearing and tossed them on the floor. He flinched as the blade of my knife grazed his thigh but seemed relieved that I’d only caused a small scratch.
            “Now, your arm”
Mandy’s mouth twitched into a sardonic smile as I stepped behind him to adjust the bonds. He’d expected me to loosen the ties but, instead, I tightened it so that his arm was raised high above his head. He started to speak; no doubt wondering what I was doing but his words froze as I unleashed my rage. With all of my strength, I pounded my fists and Karate-chopped with my hands into the joint of his shoulder until I felt bone slip out of its socket. Only then did I remove the restraint. His arm flopped to his side like a dead fish. Mandy sobbed and wailed but I paid no attention to his blubbering.
His whimpered question left me wondering if he was questioning the shoulder or his predicament, in general.  
            “I assume you’re referring to your shoulder so I’ll actually dignify your question with a response. You see, with nothing to hinder your movement, you might get ideas. I want you to be able to do your business in the bucket but I don’t want you to be able to raise your arm enough to try to remove your restraints. It will be painful but you can still use your hand for toilet-related means but you won’t be able to do much else.”
            “What gives you the right,” he demanded. “What makes you qualified to be judge, jury, and executioner?”
            “I’m the only one who saw through you and I’m the only one with nothing to lose so I gave myself the job. I know you think you can goad me into killing you off quickly…but you can’t. I will make you suffer and you’ll beg for death long before you feel that sweet release. I only hope there really is a hell so that you’ll continue to suffer for all eternity!”
            “And I guess you think you won’t?”
            “No, I’m certain I will see you there but at least I set Sherry and Cory free.”
            “Oh, now I get it. You’re in love with that pasty-faced hag...or is it her douchebag brother that turned your eye?”
In return for his jab at my surrogate siblings, I poured alcohol over the slice in his thigh and watched him squeal.
            “Aw, you’re so serious. You should smile more!”
I hooked my blade into the side of his mouth and sliced a line through his left cheek. It disappointed me that it didn’t actually curve up like Batman’s Joker. I poured some alcohol over the wound to prevent infection. I gave it a moment to air-dry before slapping a piece of duct tape over his entire mouth. Then, I left my victim to reflect on his life.

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