Monday, March 10, 2014


     The other day, I had the opportunity to take part in a unique and innovative online storytelling event. One of my Twitter followers had the idea to live tweet a horror-themed story. Each participant built the story by feeding off the tweet prior to their own.  Since you have no idea what they're going to say, you have to be on your toes and think outside the box.  Going into it, I knew it would be fun but I also saw the potential. As a writer, it is an incredible exercise, calling on pure creativity and an almost reckless abandon.  I didn't have time to sit and fiddle with each line because the next guy was chomping at the bit to get their chance. The added challenge is Twitter's imposed 140 character limit that forces embellishers, like myself, to knuckle down and get to the point succinctly. One of the biggest thrills occurred midway through our story.  The line fed to me was cut off mid-sentence so I had to finish their sentence and build on it. Immediately after tweeting my lines, I got a private message from the person ahead of me saying I must be a mind-reader. It was exciting to see virtual strangers converging and our minds syncing as one to create.
     By now, you might be wondering, logistically, how we managed to make it all work out.  I'll admit, it took a little trial and error before the actual event but it wasn't long until we had all the bugs worked out.  So, here's how it works:
          Step 1: Approximately 15-20 minutes prior to the event you'll need to text the creator and say you're going to join and use the hashtag #BeTheStory.  For example, you'll text something like this: @RudeDogPress1 I'm in! #BeTheStory   (In case you haven't figured it out; this event was the brainchild of Dee at @RudeDogPress1)
          Step 2: You'll be assigned your order. Pay close attention so that you'll know who to follow for your turn.
          Step 3: Using the Twitter search option, search #BeTheStory. You'll need to stay on this page so you can follow along!
          Step 4: This is one of the most important steps! When the story starts, we go in order. Always hit reply to the tweet prior to yours but, and this is vital, you must REMOVE the name and replace it with #BeTheStory. For example, if your turn is after me and you hit reply, Twitter will populate the screen with @sg_lee_horror.  You have to remove "@sg_lee_horror", and type #BeTheStory. Otherwise, no one else will be able to see your tweet.
          Step 5: Have Fun! Relax and go with the flow. No judgement. No pressure. Just a great time with a group of people who love storytelling. ***You'll have two consecutive tweets on each turn so that you have enough characters to get something rolling.***

This event is open to EVERYONE so please feel free to join us! I hope to see you there, friends, and remember: #BeTheStory!

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